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Just an experiment in communication
A response to flagging shares
“From the Board of Directors
Of the Company that Cares”

They played Martial music
And the crowd roared for more
So a Patriotic medley was chosen
For the final encore.
Their attention then shifted
To the giant outdoor screen
Where film from the hovering
Robot cameras could be seen.

It started off very quietly
With a small foot patrol,
Moving forward tightly,
Fully under control.
And then the I.E.D,
One wounded, none dead,
And the cameras hovering  
To film him as he bled.

The heroics of the Medic,
Struggling to keep him alive,
The relief on his face as he heard,
That Med-e-vac chopper arrive.
The withdrawal of the cameras,
As scrolling down the screen
“Live from Afghanistan, and sponsored
By Makers of the Modern War Machine”

Just an experiment in communication
But they hit it on the nose
For when the Markets opened
Their share price very quickly rose.

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