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 Yoga  part 18

I have come full circle, returning to my roots;
Remembering the lessons of Phoenix Rising.
Opening my heart and my soul into true unity;
Dipping into the universal pool of creativity.

My mat becoming more precious as time passes;
Needing that connection with my most secret parts.
Reflective, thought provoking decompression;
Opening up my spine to the power of the dragon.

I read once again the Yoga Sutra's, revival stirs within;
Perfect poses or posture without union is only exercise.
Looking deep into the third eye, seeking the intensity;
Flames consume the dregs that came from carelessness.

My soul opens like the lotus flower to the morning sun;
To receive what destiny has in store for me to receive.
Body, mind, and breath; fused by the yogi's inner fire;
Becoming one with my life, with this present moment.


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