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 A Land Forgotten?

A quake…
earth and sea violently moves and
shakes for only seconds, but  long
enough to devastate.

Disaster, death, pain and
cries of agony long sustained.

Invisible wounds that shall never heal
in a land some say  God has forgotten.
Forgotten or not, for sure a land left in
despair and rot.

Ebony the tone of their skin, the tone
of their land and the tone of their souls.
Most others would give up, but  the spirit
of ebony continues praying for hope.

Black are the days to come…
pain, tears and rubble and ruins.

The world's heart bleeds for all
 those ebony souls and will not
 forsaken  them to hell's hole.

Hope is in the wind for the ship
of ebony will someday sail again.
The tears, agony and pain,
we pray will soon change to
laughter and tranquility in Haiti …

Jackie R. Kays
© 1/19/10

Dedicated to the suffering island people of Haiti.

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