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 Has the Whole World Gone Mad?

Rainbows and pots of gold
Silver bangles and diamonds
Are only for kings and queens
of old

Sun bursts through morning mist
Pink clouds over meadows green
I refuse to eat their babble beans
The truth is hard to glean
Hope has become a dream

Desert flower's colors abloom    
Snow topped  mountains eerie loom  
Stiff winds blow and  evil rumors
continue to grow

Oceans flow across a world sick and cold
everything dies and most wonder why
Skies turn dark as unconcerned old men
sit feeding  spotted  pigeons in the city park

On the horizon the moon mellow rises
Fireflies shimmer and glow…
 Still  for children high and low
But now tell me for whom do
the bells toll

Bah Bah black sheep and one damn ram
all the king's men were killed in the
stampede  in the war where no one
gave a damn
White tombstones  all neat in a row
How many more row after row

What will be… will be
Even though some have not yet
come down from that proverbial

Time is so dear everyone has an eye
 in tear the end is near cry not out of fear

Don't ask why…it's up to you and
 I therefore simply yours to  do or die

It is sad …but  you and I know the
whole world has gone damn well

Jackie R. Kays


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