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 Language of Enchantment

Something To Think About(repost in light of Haiti)

There are some things
I feel obligated to say.
You may disagree-
You may turn away.

But, never-the-less,
I must take a stand
To follow my heart-
To say what I've planned.

I've oft heard it said-
And my spirit stood still-
At the deaths and the tragedies
Blamed on God's Will.

A tornado slams down,
A quake wrecks a town,
A fire consumes,
A flood fills the ground.

Some people look up
In dire disbelief-
Wonder how God
Could cause so much grief.

A child dies of cancer
And like dice in a cup-
Some say God rolled the odds
And his number came up.

Well, God doesn't gamble.
Lottery's not His game.
He's the Giver of Life
And He's always the same.

It's the devil who comes
To kill and destroy.
He's the prince of this world
And confusion's his toy.

Of course He enjoys
God blamed for his deeds.
He's the father of lies-
A planter of evil seeds.

Yes, God is aware
Of the sorrow some taste.
He hears every cry.
He weeps at the waste.

Please don't accuse Him
Of not caring at all.
Man created this mess
In the world at The Fall.

This earth is still cursed
But God loves His creation.
Man is given a choice
To choose his salvation.

Man's body is temporal
But his soul is secure
If he's anchored in Jesus
For His Blood makes man pure.

When disasters occur
And they will and they can.
It's the earth's own rebellion
Caused by ungodly man.

Yes, God's judgment will come.
But it'll be far worse than this!
Yet it's something believers
In Christ Jesus can miss!

We'll be gone in a twinkling
Of an eye it is said.
Caught up to meet Jesus
Who died in our stead.

So let us comfort each other
When we encounter pain.
And shout to the world
Christ is coming again!!

(C)Doris Jacobs-Covington
 June 9, 2008
***Author's Note:
Some have asked me if I
believed the Lord caused
the earthquake in Haiti
because the people there
practice Voo Doo. I don't
believe this to be the case.
If so, and He's a fair God
and no respecter of persons,
then He would have to smash
America for all the abortion
going on here, or many countries
for the gross things going on in
those. His judgment will come about
all these things, but this isn't
it. The earth is still cursed...
and will be until He makes all
things new, after which He comes
to earth to rule. Jesus became
a curse for us (the believers)
not for the earth in general.
People were sick, and there were
storms when He walked the earth.
I reposted this poem to present
my views. No one has to accept
this but this is what I believe.
Any disaster can occur at anytime...
the thing we have to make sure of
is that our hearts are right with
the Lord. I do think that I safely
say what has happened in Haiti and
all the disasters which occured in
other parts of the world are "signs
of the times."They are like "birth
pangs" of what is to come. God, who
knows the beginning from the end,
did foresee and recorded it all
by His prophets centuries ago. If
you'll go back to the Book of Genesis,
you'll see that God gave dominion
over the earth to man. He handed the
running of this planet over to Adam.
Adam, in turn, by his fall gave it
to the devil. So who wrecks havoc on
this planet? Yes, for the time being.
Although God is still Supreme, He
won't go back on His Word. It will all
happen just as recorded. I hope this
information has shed a little light on
the subject but, by all means, go to
your pastors with any questions. I am
not a pastor, simply a poet used in
His work. May God  truly bless you
and thank you for reading my poetry.

*A note from PASTOR LINDA BEGLEY as requested by Author*
God rains on both the just and the unjust.
Bad things do happen to good people,
but to be absent from the body is to be present
with the Lord (if you're born again)
so it isn't bad for those that leave early,
it is only painful for those left behind.
Jesus died for all when we were still yet sinners.
God is LOVE. He doesn't have it, He is LOVE.
I, too, concur and feel as always, that both my
Mama Dori and I are on the same page
when it comes to the Truth of the gospel,
and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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