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                                There's a horrible bug
                                Perched on the bathroom sink!
                                What is he?
                                How did he get here?
                                I locked him in,
                                But I'm afraid.
                                I need to use that bathroom.
                                I can't kill him.
                                There's no one to help
                                Get rid of him.
                                Can I wish him away?
                                (I think he's a grasshopper).

                                Honey, I need you!

                                My sweetheart, you're so good;
                                I can just see you
                                Picking up the creature,
                                Placing him in the palm of your hand,
                                Opening the window
                                And setting him free . . . .
                                Not me!

                                I poured hot water on him,
                                Placed him in a plastic container
                                And flushed him down the toilet.



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