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 Valor In Vain

The  acidic odor of decayed leaves linger
among the  Spanish moss  laden cypress

Ancient  tombstones tall and small
 stand like ghostly sentinels in the
late afternoon sun, representing  
a war long past.

Listen…and you might hear,
the sound of  horse charging
Calvary  across a  smoke
covered battlefield.

Death, destruction and mayhem
all across a  country  locked in
Civil War to the bitter end.

 Weathered worn, gray stones
intricately engraved  with
 forgotten and  hardly
legible Confederate names.
What a shame…what a shame!
A war between  brothers  and
no one wanted to take the blame.
Thousands of young  Southern
men  died in vain.

Silent  the Rebel yell.
Silent  the cause they  vowed.
Silent the Stars and Bars for

A century and a half past,
most  remember not the valor
exhibited  at  this hallowed place,
by men, who died for the Stars
and Bars and a cause they thought
was righteously based.

Jackie R. Kays
© 1/23/10

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