A girl with many stories "i love you all."

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Author878 which is Me poetry999

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Is this a psychological fact

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That kinda girl

Written at 17 years old

I aint that kinda girl
When am in the mood or wanna twist a twirl
To make you whirl
I'll chuck on a pair
But i much prefer
To get my sneakers on
That'll take me by the wind like sonic and be gone

An occasion is a reason so i'll be heel
If its unformal i'll match it out with style and deal
My idea none can steal
But then you see them another time in the same wheel
Sorry, but you gotta understand how i feel

I will be sexy for you
I will come through
But when i wanna be stylish with comfort
Somedays i wanna pump it up, but then the days i'd never thought
I'd need the heel
But at least the wedding didn't look so bad or at least a pulling disastor in some way real

I wanna get on my canvas
Get out my Sneakers in silver canvas
It matches the baggy fabric
I'm off the brick

I wanna have some fun
In the oven i aint got no bun
Not yet, but hopefully to someday
But now stop telling me how to dress today
If you loved me you wouldn't swear
At what i wear
For who i am you could bear
Now all i see is you tear
At the smallest little thing, a pair of sneakers for crying out loud
You should be proud

I am myself
That i aint taken nothing off the shelf
You should be proud to have a wife  like me
I do all i can do, i be all you want me to be
But for once i wanna be me
You wish you never knew
You try to turn me into something new
Sorry it aint gonna work out
Thats not what i'm about

You blame the age gap on some extent
Then why did you marry me, you shouldn't have gone inside the tent
If you can't handle all inside
You now can't stand the tide
But i aint gonna be anybody
But me
Yes i love thee
But i wish you understood who i wanna be

Why'd you want me to change
You chose me from the start in that range
I find it a little bit strange

Anyways i do so much for you
That now i feel so confused at how could you
To such a range

I don't like this
I aint his
I want the man i fell for to come back
Now unpack
Who this deadly man is inside of you
So i can see the man i loved come through

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