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 Confessions of a Wounded Heart


This is a very personal write. I am not afraid to admit that I am human
and I still make mistakes.  Yet I am saved and forgiven only by God's
mercy and grace. If reconciliation to save a relationship is no longer
possible, resulting from an ongoing disagreement which led two people
to depart, a genuine expression of forgiveness is still needed to mend
the healing of wounds and for grudges to cease.

(Additional note will follow at the end)

Lord, I ask for Your forgiveness
For hanging on to my bitterness
Of wrongs toward her on my part
I forgive her too from my heart

I was trapped by guilt and shame
But Your love remains the same
Teach me to live in Your grace
Filled with joy as I run the race

Unanswered questions brought pain
Dwelling on our relationship again
You know the depths of her heart
Not for me to analyze on my part

Computer word game as my escape
Became an idol at a progressing rate
Affecting my whole life in every way
Addictive behavior leading me astray

I was helped by being accountable before
I am willing to take that step once more
Give me strength by Your Spirit to commit
To set realistic goals, not to give up or quit

Challenges ahead will not be easy each day
Nothing is impossible as You lead the way
Prayer support and encouragement of a friend
Builds motivation when the relationship ends

Like riding a bicycle, new habits are learned
Once formed, old patterns not as apt to return
Having a strong relationship with God is key
Empowered by Your Spirit, I will be set free

Draw me closer in my relationship to You
With strength to leave the past behind too
Take this stumbling block hindering my race
Turn it into a stepping stone by Your grace

You have said all things work for good
I claim that promise from Your Word
Already I see Your hand through poetry
Bolder ways sharing Truth of Your story

Carol Salter 1/30/10

I realize the following is a testimony to the boldness that I just mentioned.
May God touch your heart today, if you face a similar situation. Please know
that God is always ready to forgive, when we come to Him at the foot of the
cross, through the sacrifice of Jesus, which covers all of our sin. If you
have never entered into a personal relationship with Jesus as your Savior,
just open up your heart to Him. Admit you are a sinner, believing that He
died and rose again to pay the price of your sin, receiving His free gift
of salvation personally on your behalf.  He will miraculously change your
life for the better and you will be guaranteed of spending eternity in heaven
forever with Him when you die.  Don't wait for God to decide your fate at
the final day of judgment, because then it will be too late to change your
mind. Make sure and know today that you are His child, based solely on His
redemption at Calvary. Many people mistakenly believe that God will weigh
their good deeds against the bad things they do. But the Truth remains that
all of us fall short of measuring up to His holy standards. The cross is our
only hope.

If anyone is offended through this write, it is not me that you are rejecting,
but the very Truth that the Holy Spirit has laid upon my heart to share.

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