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 Do The Bells Toll For Me?

For whom the bells toll?
Do the bells toll for me,
is my earthly visit about
to end at last?

Time flies and the cock crows,
Who know…who knows?
Life is but a fleeting moment
among the eons of time.

No one knows when the last
breath will subside, and the
Grim Reaper will quietly

Speak loudly of yesteryear while
man's greatness is still here.
Man is born, he lives
and then he quietly dies.
A cycle no one can deny!

What he does for mankind
in the time he's here, is the
true measurement of his worth!
Then and only then can the bells
toll for his eternal soul.
he served no purpose,
and once again…
just dust in the wind!

Jackie R. Kays
© 2/5/10

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