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 Pegasus Princess


My muse asks me to let go of how I approach writing, free my mind and observe my surroundings.  

Don't think ahead, because it will control the outcome with preconceived notions.

He gives me a scene in the mind's eye.  A simple image, with simple actions.

Oh but wait..... where is he going with this?  A metaphor will emerge, I can feel it.

So we brainstorm.

He talks it out, I type all he says.... we laugh because I even typed everything else he said unrelated to our draft.  I can't help it... I'm a fast typist and it was a nice little challenge for me... I recite it back... he has no words to offer now... ooops, what have I done?  Okay, we giggled for awhile... ; )

He stops me on purpose now.  No Kell, don't assume anything, lose the logic, don't think ahead.  Now lets not touch this and we'll come back to it another day.  So we let it simmer on the page.

What has he done? hmmmmm He's made me way too curious, he's made me ponder possibilities and find angles I didn't see before, and try as I might it won't just simmer on page because it's on fire in my mind... and I want to jump into this prose, but cannot.  

Well guess what?....this was his plan! He's absolutely brilliant, though he'd never admit to it.

And soon, we'll revisit our collaboration.. oh so simple yet oh so deep with layers of meaning.  

I think I've just been mused : )

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