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Sad Tears Please Go Away (the humming of King David's heart)

Sometimes you got to encourage yourself in the Lord like David did.

These sad tears had me crying for days,
   down through the struggles…
hard times filled the years in my face
But why must I see things as hopeless in this night
when the King of Glory is the glow in my sight?
So I said sad tears go away I won't let you dry my soul away
      in this struggling plight
If my hands appear to wrinkle in the burning sun today
I'll remember the hard times I'll remember the fun anyway
     all through this fight
O Lord give me wings to finish this flight?
O sad tears go away I won't let you dry my soul away
     before I cross the finish line in this race
I'm determined to hear his voice…to see his face
     on that day
O sad tears please go away I have no place for you to stay
I won't let you wet the ground upon which I stand
Though the winds of life's trying to scatter me like sand
I know God is building in me a better man
So sad tears I have no where for you to stay please go away
I know there is another eye you can abide in…hide in,
      You're not my friend
In this storming sea, trouble is all around but I'm free
So I don't need you downing me…drowning me
      in hopeless thoughts and broken dreams
I'm determined to rise like the heat in the misty steam
       and conquer thee
Only the strong will survive
And the weak that's living…ain't really alive-
Wake up! O dry bones, the Lord has arrived on the scene
       just for me
Wake up dry bones O wake up…
He came just for me…just for me…
He came

Copyrights 2010
Robert Anthony James

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Sad Tears Please Go Away (the humming of King David`s heart)