Straight To The Heart

Heaven or Hell

Deep within there's a longing
for family who've already gone home
And I think about them so often
‘cause it's me who still has to roam

Their mansion was built by Jesus
the Carpenter whose stories we've heard
Handed down to use through the ages
spoken of in God's holy word

I pray that their mansions are built on
acres of fields, hills, and streams
That's the pictures I see in my mind
and at night in my deepest dreams

Our families have always been much more
than just cousins, aunts, uncles or close kin
Our families are connected by the blood
of Jesus our Savior and friend

One day we will all meet in Heaven
for a reunion like none other we've shared
And we'll celebrate it with Jesus
we'll praise Him for the cross that He bared

We won't be shedding tears on this day
but rejoicing and singing as one
On bended knees we will be lifting up praise
to Jesus, God's only Son

Those mansions for us might be condos
or apartments with plenty of space
We can gather, sing and rejoice
as we come together again in one place

Those who've gone on before us
are waiting to welcome us home
To join them in worship to Jesus
as we all kneel before God's throne

We'll see all of our loved ones
who've accepted Christ into their heart
And sadly those who chose not to
will forever from us be apart

So my prayer for tonight is to reach them
before the moment it's too late
When Jesus returns in the blink of an eye
we will forever seal their fate

So family tell your loved ones of Jesus
of His love, His salvation we must tell
As you read this they hang in the balance
it's eternity…. Heaven or Hell!

©2010 Sherri Lynn Whittaker

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Heaven or Hell

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