Itís worth a Watch!

I wish I could understand
The passion of these waves
The energy behind each swirl
The life in the ocean

It's a starlit sky
The moon looks faded and dull
He is all handsome & romantic
But I love the sun

Isn't he more majestic?
Full of vibrancy and energy
He reminds of the mighty warrior
Set and ready to win the battle

The seagulls and crows
The mechanisms of nature
Are all a puzzle
More of a riddle

I saw the parakeet
Join together as a group
To chase the possum
In Australia

The Indian mynah and crow
Joined to chase a serpent
And Amazon was more than all this
They think they could capture it all

There is a nature of life
That cameras and journals can't capture
It takes one just a few minutes
To stop and enjoy what you have missed all while!

Sneha Sabu

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