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 poetry by Mercysmine

Thank  You, For  Giving  To  The  LORD

Romans  Chapter 10 Verses 13 - 15

 13)For whosoever calls upon the name
of the LORD shall be saved.

14)How then shall they call on him
in whom they have not believed? and
how shall they believe in him of
whom they have not heard? and how
shall they hear without a preacher?

15)And how shall they preach except
they be sent? as it is written, how
beautiful are the feet of them that
preach the Gospel of peace, and
bring glad tidings of good things!

To all who have read these scriptures, we here at poetry poem are blessed
people, for we have been sent Preachers and Prophets filled with
 the Holy Spirit, they hold us up before the LORD in prayer, they cry
with us when we cry, rejoice with us when we rejoice, unbeknown to
us, they spend sleepless nights interceding for us (people they've
never meet) they're motivated by Godly love and their motive is pure,
they want no one to perish, but all to come to repentance, these
Godly people are at times ridiculed for the biblical standards that
they uphold, if a stranger pulled us from a burning building we
would be so grateful, these Christians are trying to pull our eternal
souls out of everlasting fire, sad but true, some disdain them for it.
never the less, regardless of how we treat them, disrespect them, they
will go on praying for, and loving us.

Jude verse 22 & 23

 22 And of some having compassion,
making a difference;

23 And others save with fear,
pulling them out of the fire;
hating even the garment
spotted by the flesh.

I for one, want to thank every blood bought Christian on this site, I want
you to know how much I appreciate you, you're love, you're prayers, your
poetry, you're encouragement and the Holy standards that you uphold,
may God bless you richly, Thank you for giving to the LORD,
I'am so glad you gave, Ginger.


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