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Networked on Facebook and E-mail;
A generous portion of my daily life.
Today my computer crashed and burned;
I now hear only a deafening silence.
On that desert island with Gilligan;
Isolated from family and friends.

My poetry website will be unmanned;
It's a five day backlog at the technicians.
Now writing with my pencil in my hand;
My keyboard quiet, waiting on my return.
Sitting in my computer room, just stillness;
Closing my eyes, venturing into meditation.

In the peacefulness, listening to my soul;
As it speaks so softly, shhh… so very quiet.
Feeling the universe so big, touching peace;
Slowly becoming aware, revived, and awake.
Embracing my soft heart, touching heaven's gate;
Alone, smiling in the darkness; no longer isolated.


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