He bought you black roses
You both are on holiday
So proud of you
Want your joy to stay

Remember moderation
That I love you too
Smile and laugh all day
What I wish for you

Life can be so hurried
You relax with him
Glad you have a good man
To appreciate the whim

Of your black flowers
To give you hugs and kisses
With all of love's powers
This weekend all his missus

To take you away
From the stress of living
On your Birthday
What a good man's giving

To my babycakes
To my little girl
To a woman
Of the world

My how you have grown up
Since you were twenty one
I love you all these birthdays
My girl I wish you fun

There's warmth there in the heavens
There's kindness in his arms
There's all of us whom love you
With all your youthful charms

There's your real mom Marlene
There's Julie your great friend
Your family o they love you
None of our love is pretend

Even if you are not here to hug
You have someone to love you
That is all we all can wish
And that you keep the faith above you

In your skies
There in the blue
In your eyes
Sparkling too

Happy Birthday baby
Many more returns
We love you forever
Our strong love burns

For you bad or good
Infinitely Ms. Prall
Hug you tight we would
Every time you fall

Our babygirl kiss kiss
Our sweetheart child of emotion
It is you we miss
Happy Birthday with devotion...

And many many many many more....

2/12/2010 1225 PST cj

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