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Devil’s Island USA

Speech is free in ameriKKKa if one parrots and mimics the voices of the establishment by shuffling along with head down oblivious to the injustices of ameriKKKan society; only having time to be concerned with the day to day activities necessary to earn a living in what is becoming an unlivable world. ameriKKKan life is predicated upon the principals of a capitalistic so-called democracy; a society, driven by the profit motive of a few at the cost of the many. A populous driven mad by consumerism. Where parents lose their children in wars fought over oil. The government will silence anyone who stands up and says, all ain’t right in ameriKKKa. One way or the other that person will end up marked for death. There is no better death than Martyrdom.

Every human being will eventually die; this is a fact of life, because no one lives forever. So, what is the difference between receiving the death penalty verses receiving a life sentence without the possibility for parole? None, there is no difference. When the government imposes the death sentence it specifies a particular date for a prisoner to die while behind prison walls. The sentence of life without parole is a government statement that the prisoner will die behind prison walls at a date yet to be determined. Both of these sentences are one and the same. A death sentence is a death sentence whether it is called one or not. In the United States the death penalty and life without parole is used as a tool of political repression and a means to permanently isolate and silence political and social activist. Case in point is that of Imam Jamil Abdullah Al Amin, formerly known as H. Rap Brown. He, like two million others who find themselves prisoners in the "Land of the Free" are regularly subjected to humiliating and cruel punishments out of public view, behind prison walls.

The first United States experiment in solitary confinement took place at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 1829. Solitary confinement was based on a Quaker belief that a prisoner left alone in a cell with only a Bible would use his time for introspection and to make penance. Prison officials soon observed that many inmates would become mentally ill, completely insane, suicidal or simply incapable of ever functioning in society. As early as 1890, the US Supreme Court recognized the pernicious effects of solitary confinement.

Justice Miller wrote In Re: Medley, 134 U.S. 1 60 (1890):
It has been observed that a considerable number of the
prisoners even after only a short confinement fell into
a semi-fatuous condition from which it was next to impossible
for them to recover. Others became violently insane
while others committed suicide. Those who withstood the
ordeal better were not generally reformed and in most cases
did not recover sufficient mental activity to
be of any subsequent service to the community

The United States Federal Penitentiary Administrative Maximum; better known as ADX, was erected in 1994 and is Located two miles outside of the high-desert town of Florence Colorado. ADX is the most secure prison in the country, a hunkered-down maze of locks, alarms and electronic surveillance. ADX has been hailed as the ultimate solution to security flaws in the federal prison system. The interior and contents of a cell is a steel slab bed, a steel stool and desk, a steel sink-and-toilet combination, steel shower stall and a 12" black and white television. Cell walls and plumbing are soundproofed to prevent communication between the inmates. Prisoners are denied any communal dining, exercising, bathing or religious activities. The condemned receive their meals through a slot in the door of their cells. If allowed to exercise, it is never outdoors. The prisoner enters an enclosed area where he exercises alone without equipment without equipment of any sort. They are constantly under high-tech electronic surveillance in windowless cells. The 7' x 12' cell has been described as being eerily quiet… heavy on sensory deprivation and absolutely no physical contact with the outside world. Prisoners can have non-contact visits from family, friends or lawyers it they are approved by dungeon authorities. ADX is a sort of earthly high tech tomb, Devils Island USA. A team from the United Nations assigned to investigate torture described SHU (special housing unit) conditions as "inhuman and degrading. The effects of solitary confinement – psychosis, insanity, and suicide – had been first documented by Quaker reformists in the early 19th Century and were confirmed in the 20th Century by Cold War CIA researchers. Approximately 139 countries have abolished the death penalty and very few European countries have SuperMax. In the United States the death penalty and life in SuperMax prison without parole is used as a tool of political repression and a means to permanently silence political dissenting individuals and groups. What could be more hypocritically cruel in the "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave"? What, you ask? How about being executed by a firing squad without benefit of a trial? That would indeed be Cruel and unusual punishment.

Imam Luqman Amin Abdullah was surrounded by an army of Hooverites (FBI field agents).Then he was handcuffed and murdered by cowardly agents of the FBI. This premeditated government endorsed killing in Detroit singled out our beloved brother because he had the testicular fortitude to speak out against the evils in this barbarous society. What punishment could be more cowardly and cruel? He was tried in no court but Executed by government agents basically for practicing free speech. Free speech in ameriKKKa only seems to be free if you speak what you are told to speak. He was not murdered just because he spoke out against the evils in this society but because he was brave enough to provide them with the formula for eradicating its social and moral ills; namely, ameriKKKan governmental acceptance of the Shariatul Islam. His murder like Imam Jamils frame up and incarceration was meant to send a message to all would be Imams in particular and the Muslim masses in general, real Islam will not be tolerated within US borders. Many are of the opinion that Martyrdom in the streets is preferable to death behind bars?

Habib Abu Lateef
© 2010
15 February

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