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      If I were an "ordinary" housewife
      Content to stay at home
      Happy to cook
      Clean the oven
      And iron the clothes
      To watch soap operas
      To be "good"
      To get fat
      To wear a housedress
      Instead of jeans
      To smile
      When I feel like crying;
      I would never know
      The meaning of words like
      I would never know
      About tears
      That come from my soul
      About laughter
      That originates
      In my heart.
      I would never
      Feel like a fool
      But I'd be a fool;
      Because I'd believe
      That all pain lasts forever;
      I'd be incapable of understanding
      As I do
      That flowers are lovelier
      When they are watered
      With tears.






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                                  Annette Wexler

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