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 A POET'S WORLD III (wings2fly2heaven 2/16/2010)
I chose to rhyme this piece, though I'm sure free-verse would have been quite effective.  However, each one I've published has a diffferent style.  (Poet's World I- free verse, Poet's World II- only the last 3 lines rhyme of 4 line stanza's, and now this one- rhyming scheme different).  There's endless possibilities, and with this thought there's endless possibilities with imagination.  For imagination will defy time and space.... just need to walk freely across the threshhold and touch the untouchable, and there we'll find poetic adventures.  

This is third in a series that I consider my 'flagship' poems.

I edited a few words this morning, very minor changes.  Thank you Alfonso for your vote of confidence, it means a lot to me  : ) ......."Kay Dee" 2/17/2010.


"Words become verses painted upon a blank canvas that touch the heart and soul.  Their meaning may be perceived differently, yet their beautiful union becomes a shared world…..a  poet's world.   Dig deep, uncover the layers, for hidden in such a sacred place are dreams which are the centerpiece of emotion.  They're waiting on us ever so patiently to discover their inherent worth."  

Preface inspired by Alfonso "Between Love and Empathy" at

Feb 11th through 16th, 2010

Life and lore nourish whimsy schemes
Illusive tales told in sleepless dreams
Hearts be fondled and souls be worn
Upon sleeves of writers pure poetic form

Speechly figures loiter in reasons still
Creatively carved by empowered quill
Taste but once? Then evermore bathe
Spill drizzling ink across thirsty page

Relentless parchment we hold to light
For watermark intentions glint our sight
Embellish reality, tunneling soulful depths
Embracing verses finds freedom from death

Pull emotional strings intact and whole
Proclamation of purpose in lines we console
This world survives as we'd desire it to be
Dangerous, marvelous, amazingly beautiful to me

Masters of imagination such figments stay
Beseeching knowledge we linger and pray
In spirit, in heart, with pleading desire
Climb thoughtful stairs spiraling higher

Carry with valor weaving dreams we wander
Illusions, imagery, and discovery ponder
Arouse subtle sentiments stroking with care  
It's the birth of a legacy true poetical fair

Depth and layers in metaphoric delights say
Before our mind's eye this ransom we pay
Artful destruction brings catechizing hope
Expression-filled glory throw others this rope

Rhyming seasons merge with saving seas
In this spirit I challenge...inspire...and tease...
Between real and unreal, this union remains
A poet's world always thrives and sustains

For it is this very moment we give of ourselves

As we dreamers will ALWAYS rise to the occasion!

And spin this world a brand new dawn ~ ~ just over yondro

Yanni "One Man's Dream"

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