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 Vortex of Sin

Gathering momentum, left unattended;
One step over the line, then another.
Into the deeper waters with each step;
Swept by a rip tide away from the shore.
No longer innocent, no longer benign;
Grasping at the very soul, pulling hard.
Self control is lost, driven by this power;
Tempted deeper into the vortex of sin.

Feeling the powerful swirl of the cyclone;
Sucking in everything of value in it's path.
Seeing this disaster happen in slow motion;
Powerless to stop this destructive force.
Fear now sweeps throughout the soul;
A primal scream surges from the throat.
The gentle heart is torn from the chest;
A hollow carcass is left by the vortex of sin.

A victim of self delusion, caught in the web;
Struggling to escape, trapped without hope.
Spit out; lying broken, bruised, and beaten;
Barely breathing, tears burning the cheeks.
A brilliant warm light breaks through the haze;
Clearing a path for the healing power of love.
God reaches into this scene, giving a new heart;
Breaking the prison chains of the vortex of sin.


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