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 Middle Ground

Some consider walking in the middle ground as a cop out;
Not being fervent, but only walking with a lukewarm power.
Extreme wings on either side control our politics and media;
Yet I will stand near midfield,  embracing those on either side.

I don't have to agree with you to love you or be your friend;
I don't have to convert you to my way, in thoughts or in deeds.
No, my only duty as I stand my post on this middle ground
Is to listen, allowing my mind to be open to a fresh new thought.

I do not fear that my foundation will crumble under scrutiny;
Nor do I need to defend my ideas with the weapons of words.
Smiling, standing on that middle ground where angels play;
Open to your thoughts, your ideas, as well as your love.

I will stand here on middle ground feeling the power of peace;
Standing firm in my soul, ready to reach out to the earth's diversity.
Don't fear me, my friend; just be yourself, breathe, and relax;
Friendship reaches across the barbed wire walls that have been built.


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