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Giddy Up Fingers

Giddy up fingers, don't fail me now
Giddy up fingers, make you go wow
Giddy up fingers they're playin your song
Giddy up fingers movin along
Giddy up fingers, boring under your door
Giddy up fingers, keep you screamin for more
Giddy up fingers, til you can't take it no more

Like a mad, pesky tick
lodged under your skin
Giddy up fingers are droppin on in
Here I go workin it
flaylin sweat off my brow
Giddy up fingers don't fail me now
Trust my fingers deflower and defile
Salty tears lurk from behind a smile
Like a sharp rock hittin paper thin skin
Trashed songs salvaged from recycling bin
Work that dirty stuff
til they're beggin me please
shake it up dixie like a dog with fleas
Giddy up
fingers put on a show
giddy up fingers giddy up

Buddy Bee Anthony

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Giddy Up Fingers