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 That's All I Have To Say!

On gossamer wings
memories fly…
Days of old, long gone
but still spun of silver
and gold.

Across a minute space of time,
life passes either with or without
reason or rhyme.

Long gone…
The swimming hole,
the fishing pole, the fast ball
and that first kiss in the teen
dance hall.

Never shall we forget…
When we were first smitten
by the love bug, and wore
each other's ring …
It lasted one whole spring.

Time turns…
Now young men and
women we were.

The young men…
marched off to war
some returned but many
will be no more.
The young women…
 cried and waited for.

Hidden war wounds…
that will never heal and
jungle memories they
shall always feel.

Time turns…
Months to years and
year to decades as time
takes its toll.

Now old and gray…
regrets are few…
It might have been better,
but it sure in the hell…
could have worse!

That's life…
It's designed that way
and on this subject…
that's all I have to say!

Jackie R. Kays
© 2/28/10

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