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the observation

Through most eyes it is an effortless deed to inspect
The actuality of all the passion and adoration in almost any ambience
The visual adoration between two birds is as precious
As the optic conviction I see between two humans with eternal entities
Why is it so that the ratio of love and hate are so equal within humankind-
and around our universe?
Isn't it joyous to be obliged by the sight of star-crossed lovers
Though their fate may be cursed, their temporary presence is what it is…
It is a season of radiant bliss and heartwarming ecstasy
and even to the observer, this is a symbol of trustworthy hope to even her or he
Because the enchantment of love, as so hate, is a complimentary experience-
that is both given and taken by choice, by anybody!
Find satisfaction in the fact that-
though the emotion feels royal it is available even to the pauper and not just the prince
Love is attainable, by those who love, and by those who love, love is attained.

-Dayna E. Lunstrum

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the observation