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 Gale Force Winds

On a small ship on the high seas,
A storm quickly approaches.
It's gonna be a big one, we batten down.

The boat begins to roll, creaking loudly;
Sea mist stings my eyes as I prepare.
The  rain is on us with gale force winds.

Waves crashing over the bow;
Water is running across the deck.
Tossed hard by this storm is our little ship.

I am clutching the helm with all my strength;
Keeping our bow into the rolling waves.
The mainsail is ripped by the gale force winds.

Like on a roller coaster, the waves consume us;
I am soaking wet, as the seas encroach.
Considering my life for a moment, gripping the helm tight.

The mast breaks under the stress of the storm;
Pounding seas swamp the lower compartments.
The rudder is snapped by the gale force winds.

Broken, barely afloat, adrift in the high sea;
The storm is only now a memory, the boat it's testament.
I wait for rescue, a speck on the massive ocean surface.

Wondering about the possibility of this being my grave;
Thirsty, hungry; gentle breeze in my scruffy face.
Beauty and tranquility now, gone are the gale force winds.


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