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 Reflections of My Heart

Chapter 82 ~ Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again !!!
Chapter ~ 82

The Great Canadian Buzzard

Well the little scoundrel
you see above
let me first say it is he
we do dearly love

~ ~ BUT ~ ~

This story began two years ago
with this little smilen face elf
who will steal anything
thats not nailed to a shelf

This all started out innocent
with laughter and fun
when he stole Mouth's chocolate
and then was quickly on the run

We battled East to West
and North to South
We became legends...
The Buzzard and The Mouth

With the candy he was not amused
So He went for a much bigger win
He out and out stole
The Mouths prized Golden Pen

He was tracked down
tried and thrown in Jail
In the beautiful South
from where the Mouth does hale

There was the great escape (Giggle)
from the jail in the South
but the dummy tried to fly backwards
to his home up North

And as the story goes
the ever victorious Angel and Mouth
dragged his carcus right back
to the jail in the Mighty South

He worked a deal
and a pardon he did receive
but in the end cried uncle
and that my friends you can believe

So now he rears his little head
and steals gold from the Mouth
Reno Angel got all fired up and
headed back to the great South...

Get your cheese ready to go with
his whine of sorry tales of woe
For that is how its been
and Im sure how this story will go...

If it even crosses your mind
to try the help the Buzzard out
Rest assured he will leave you behind
and thats proven with out a doubt

Hey Buzz Bubba cant wait to see Ya!!!!

So we Welcome one and all
To the fight of the Dueling Pens
and you can wager a bet
that the best pen always wins

Reno Angel

Mr. Buzzzard man you are
in a heap of trouble
Our dear mouth sent out an S.O.S.
And I was here on the double
I thought it was only squirels and packrats
That had an eye for shiney things
Your obsession for gold,
your downfall will bring
Your pack with the devil was sealed
With the stealing The Mouths pot of gold
I can't believe that even the Great Buzzard
Could have been so maliciously bold
You may try to hide
But there is no place to run
Have you forgotten two mighty pens
Are much better than one?
So Mr Buzzard
you have been warned
You now face both Angel and Mouth
That you have once again scorned
Fly straight to your keyboad
There is an adventrue to begin
Don't make us wait weeks
Or this dueling will end
This time I will not be
Only an occasonal drop in
You know how I can be
When Im defending my friend
Our Dear Mr. Buzzard
You are in trouble again!

The Mouth of The South

Well Well my Dearest Buzz
appears we meet again
Angel so glad you could join me
as we duel with our feathered friend

Dont know where his head is
to steal again from me
Really thought he had enough
of the Great South's hospitality

Now, we here in the South
have issues with those who just take
But to steal again from the Mouth
no lesson learned from your first mistake?

You cried Uncle fair and square
and the Gold Pen remained mine
But now you steal my gold
Buzz this will be your decline.

What you can not win fair and square
the writers golden prize?
You steal my pot of gold
right before my very eyes

Did you really think Angel
would let this happen again?
Well just watch out we'll take you down
My sorry feathered friend...

Original by
Lesa Gay ~ Aspiring Angel
Donna DeLong Matthews ~ The Mouth of the South
March 2010


©2000 - 2022, Individual Authors of the Poetry. All rights reserved by authors.

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