Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Burn Them All!

The inferno blazes,
Alas, it is my lonely heart
Beating off sadistic
Flowers meant to inspire romance.

Burn them all.
Watch them dance
Their taradiddle jig
And before long,
The pathogens will be ash.

Somnolence tiptoes to me,
Promising escape from
The Valentine arrows
Meant to stick me with a paramour.

The repugnance of such
A useless day fills me
Full of flagitious intentions
To thwart the archaic
Who still believe in true love.

Ha! I shall not mollify!
I sahll not love the melange
Of fools believing in fairytale lies!

They are throwing about affection
In a contumely manner.
How lachrymose this day.


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Burn Them All!

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