Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Good Morning Star

Heaven had no gate,
No waiting in line;
Pushed to the front and threw
Lightning upon all souls.

Angels formed the army,
The line not to be crossed
As Lucifer chuckled and
Rained down hellions
Like acid rain.

And they felt like poison,
Gone straight to the stomach and
The burn was the worst
For entities without bodies, only
The mind is left to melt.

Once the bearer of light,
He gave us blinding fear.
I could not see my destination,
For once,
Heaven was the darkest night.

I hid behind clout
And found his wings to be
Black, charred, leathery
And full of holes.
His eyes, full of regret
As he destroyed heaven and made
It as fiery as hell.

God's army fought till all were
Frozen in time,
Archangels fled and the
Soul's prayed but God never answered.

Under the rubble they still call out to God,
But God is still not answering.


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Good Morning Star

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