Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Catch me in the rain

"I'll catch you,"
The voice echoed in my mind
And sent tremors
To the pit of my stomach.
Filled with dread and death,
I walked on.
Battling ceased,
And the wars had left
Very little alive.
Bodies littered the way,
I wept for them all.
I could stop to pick up their souls,
Since god was invisibile,
But the chilling words
Of the demons flying circles
Above their kills
Kept me climbing this
Tattered mountain.
I had to get closer
To heaven, I had
An angel to call.
And when I called, no
Angel came and I fell
Upon my bloody knees,
Weary from existence.
The sky opened up, spilled
Such a beautiful liquid
Upon my face and I grinned.
He may be chasing me,
But he can't find me in the rain.


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Catch me in the rain

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