Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Search and Rescue, Lost and Found

Eternity was charred  
Into pieces of darkened dolor.
My memory sees only
Those left weeping into the
Lost eyes of god.
My soul is a piece of gold
Up for ransom and I flee
With care, to stay graceless
And gone from this hell.
The fatality of my dreams
Spits tears into my eyes.
The leaves crunch at my feet,
Nature giving me away.
I can keep running, till
My heart pops and my lungs
Burn but I will always
Have this red target on me.
I hide between the rays
Of moonlight and beg the
Search to get exhausted.
The fresh scent of morning,
And they are gone again.
We'll start once more tomorrow.


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Search and Rescue, Lost and Found

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