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From The Soul of an American

Every year they put it to the test,
but, the Second Amendment stands the best.
The right to own arms in a country that's free,
is a loyal display of our integrity.
For hunting or self protection guns can be great,
and in a last chance Militia they can help with our fate.
I've carried a weapon when I served my country,
and swore with an oath to keep America free.
But, freedoms and liberties are getting thinner each day,
as the Constitution's words are slowly melting away.
This country was protected with powder and shot,
and the hearts of the Militia who won't be forgot.
Not only did their squirrel guns put food on their plate,
they gave us this NATION WE ALL SEE AS GREAT!


A grandfather was talking with his grandson one day,
about the things he's done in a land far away.
He said "Tommy I've done many things I didn't like to do,
but it insured our children could live freely like you".
Before I went to war all I had killed was that twelve point Buck.
and I tell you it was nothing but luck.
I had an old Iver Johnson twelve Gage loaded with double ought.
I don't really know the last time it had been shot.
But that Buck showed his head out from behind some tree's
My mind thought wow and I let out a sneeze.
Just as the buck turned and started to run,
I pulled back on the trigger and down he come.
That Buck was so big he fed our family for half of the year,
and back in my day food was something that people held dear.
Then he walked over to his bed and the night stand,
and came back holding a medal in his hand.
He said "this is my award for the sacrifices in combat I had to give".
To insure that Americans had a free country in which to live,
but Tommy each day their trying to take our freedoms away.
I've been a hunter and a soldier and guns aren't for play.
Weapons should always be in responsible hands,
whether for sport or hunting and protecting this land.

The Crack Shot

Load ready, aim, fire!
I gotcha!
Load ready, aim, fire!
I got another one!
Victorious and glorious the little boy yelled out
as he was shooting flies on a wall with his rubber band gun.
Even with it he was still responsible enough not to shoot out an eye.

Stanley Victor Paskavich
Author of Stantasyland

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