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 Where are We Going?

The USA…
The Red White and Blue
a country we all once knew.
English was our language,
but now it's about to vanish

Some thought the streets were
paved in gold, but today they
are just one big pothole.            

Our cities once a beautiful site
today a place of crime and
urban  blight.

Our jails are bursting at the seams,
and our politicians are slowly killing
the American dream.
Who's to blame…
hell it's a shell game.

The economy  has gone South
and jobs are few and far between
and people are become hungry,
 angry and  mean.

Young men and women march off to war,
and some of us wonder what it's all for.
Death and destruction and more taxes
for sure.

The churches are near empty and the
preachers and teachers have been
basically silenced.

The truth is  now politically incorrect,
and  people who speak it  may lose
more than just respect.

Times have changed and things as we
once knew them will never be the same,
but despair not for life's full of surprises
and hopefully someday we shall see a
new horizon

Jackie r. Kays
© 3/10/10

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