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               WHAT MY GOD MEANS TO ME

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              I found my God in a synagogue when I was a little girl and He never
              left me. God was with me when each of my four sons was born, when
              each of my nine grandchildren were born, and when each of my three great-
              grandchildren were born.

              God was with me when my beloved Daddy passed away. I was only nineteen
              years old, married to Sol, and expecting Steven, my firstborn son. When
              we gave Steven my Daddy's Hebrew name, God looked down at us and smiled.
              I know this happened, because I felt His warmth in my heart.

              Ronnie was born a few years later, and then came Bruce. My sons were
              so beautiful! When Bruce was less than two years old, I lost a baby
              during my sixth month of pregnancy. I was very sick and almost died,
              but God watched over us. The day after this loss, I had a dream that
              seemed so real; I dreamed that Daddy was carrying this little baby
              in his arms and handing her to God. This dream helped me to bear the loss,
              because God was with me, comforting me. One year later, my precious son
              Alan was born -- and how I love this wondrous gift from God.

              The years passed. Mamma died, and I cried, with God at my side. My sons
              grew up and they all married Catholic girls. I wish everyone could
              experience the love I receive from Maureen, Karen, Joanne and Marie; my  
              four amazing daughters-in-law! These gifts were granted to me by God.    
              My grandchildren were raised as Catholics, but we celebrated all
              holidays, Jewish and Christian. God looked down at us and smiled.
              The years passed. I returned to school, graduated from college,
              and worked very hard as a newspaper and magazine reporter. Writing was
              difficult but the thousands of stories I wrote were published, because
              God helped me.

              When Stevie died six years ago, I thought my broken heart would never
              heal -- and it hasn't. I lost my son, and couldn't find him anywhere! But
              Bruce's daughter, my darling grandaughter Emily, who was eight years old
              at the time, put her arms around me and said, "He's alive Nana, he's alive
              in your heart." My beautiful Emily was right, because Stevie lives in my
              heart; God put him there. Stevie didn't leave this earth without granting
              me three gifts; his wife Maureen and sons Matthew and Evan.

              A few years ago, Alan's son Jake decided he wanted to be Jewish, and our
              family celebrated his Bar Mitzvah on the beach in Malibu, California where
              they lived. My story about this Bar Mitzvah was published in a Jewish
              newspaper and is posted on this website. Now Jake's eleven-year-old sister
              Margot attends Hebrew school. God again looks down at us and smiles.

              I share this with you because I truly believe that the manner in which we
              worship God is immaterial. What is important is that we always believe in
              HIS LOVE for us and share this love with ALL human beings. Please read
              the poetry written by my grandson Jason Wexler (poetrypoem.com/Jaywex).
              Jason writes about his love for Jesus. May God bless my amazing grandson
              Jason and may God bless you.

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