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 'Inspiration In Thought'

'Love's True Calling'

My constant love is smiling even though the rain is falling,
The droplets on my window dance as though it is their calling,
But you are far away this day; I know not where you are,
Though your voice calls in the wind, and your eyes glow in the stars.

The years go by like fleeting clouds which float beyond the sunset,
While softness of their gentle surface cradles all it touches,
And mist which hangs above the fields on mornings kissed with splendor,
Will dissipate in sunlight's bliss, enraptured by its wonder.

My thoughts reach out in hope to find you waiting there for me,
Among the moonlight's peaceful charm beneath our favorite tree,
Your heart aglow with love so true that time will never lessen,
For love that dwells within the soul, is heaven's purest blessing.

I feel your touch, it sings to me as though you're truly present,
And bells still ring as fire burns outside the circle's crescent,
For love's true calling finds its mark, and knows of its true measure,      
When hearts like ours have found their place, within life's greatest pleasure.

Rusty Blackwood.
2010 - 13

~ This poem was written exclusively for my poignant, romance/
drama: "Passions in Paris: Revelations of a Lost Diary,"
and accompanied below by Joy & Cully's official theme,
"Only You - and You Alone" by the late Franck Pourcel
and his French Fiddles   ~ R.B.

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