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Its abilities and powers
enchanting personal pleasure in the moment
and raping innocent souls
blotting purity
polluting cleanliness
blaspheming intentional design meant for a single cause
killing ordinary people
and you and I pull our hair frantically
 excusing ourselves
and then cursing our sinful nature
Torment prosecuting our brains
and begging Christ for his blood
both men and women
on an ordinary day despise such things
and walk proudly with holiness
but in private
damning technology and filthy entertainment
our complex entities crying in desperation
"certainly I am not an adulterer", i say
"certainly I am not an adulterer" you say
perversion blinding our eyes
optic illusions crafted by demons
and then truth unveiled in laughter
tripping in the same spot where old vomit lies
Oh, God, save us from this day

dayna lunstrum 2010

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