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 Rescued From Myself

I was looking back on my life this morning, seeing my path;
Remembering those days that seem like a millions years ago.
I was a great student, college bound, my life on the fast track;
Before I was derailed by bad choices of men and taking drugs.
My self confidence withered under the scorching harsh sun;
I began a spiral downward away from my joys, away from my family.

I was a young girl, about to graduate from high school, without a clue;
Not knowing who I was, what I was to become; I dug deeper into drugs.
Alcohol also made it's entrance into my gates, combining the both;
A wonderful mind numbing cocktail where I could run and hide from life.
I wanted all the bad boys to want me, I wanted to be, oh, so cool;
My choices became more erratic, until my knight came riding in to my life.

I thought I found love, as he supplied me with better drugs and comfort;
Escaping into a fairy tale of white picket fences, yet he was only a player.
He left me to suck the life out of another young flower, leaving me behind;
But he did left me with a present, a child; my child;  oh God, I was scared!
I reconnected with my parents, scared straight for the sake of the life within me;
The fuzzy brains left over the next few months, wondering who I now was.

The role of single mother is now thrust onto my plate. Can I do it? I wondered…
Are the resources still within my soul to reach out for that golden ring?
Not only for me, but for my son, growing within my belly. Can I do it???
Over the last three years, I see the strength that has been cultivated within;
I see my beautiful son growing up under my care… I am now growing up.
My life is blessed, for through my son, God has rescued me from myself.


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