Loving men
Although afraid
Of what their manly way
Hath laid
Upon the steps of heavens door
Don't want to be a bore

Loving them
Some they love me
Worried in the fantasies
That they inspire
I don't need their desire
State your case and go

Loving some from long ago
Now I am old
And mores the flow
I want to react
But they send me back
To be alone

Loving men
The knights and kings
Love the passion they can bring
Into this world so full of disrespect
Still love them for all the heck
That they can come into the light

Loving them
It always seems to hurt
There's too much pain in my flirt
I do want to have one near
Somehow hold me as dear
And I am never good enough

Loving some from long ago
Guitar players, drummers singers
They give the life the life that lingers
When I just want to die
Why do I cry
I will not be a wife again.

3/18/2010 0200 cj

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