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 Something Different
by Manea, Sherri, Mark & Brittany

I wish everyone could enjoy their food as much as I do!

We enjoy your enjoyment!


I wish I could enjoy any one thing as much as you do….

I can show you how….

Things have been bad…32 years…

I have this thing called a new perspective.

And that is all it takes…

Which is why you & I are hanging out tonight.

You need to wear off on me quicker and more “permanently ”

I have to get closer to do that…if you LET me….

Oh my weakness, my kryptonite!

Which is why I have this special power
Better than superman…
I walk past walls
So carefully constructed
& land mines laid
to protect your heart…
I fly…. Too high for walls & mines
And I come in the form of a dove…
All white, and beautiful… for the damsel in your castle,
To hold out her hand hoping for me to light upon it.

You're stronger than I will ever be. You do fly, you are beautiful, you love beyond understanding and the world would be dark without you…

But the secret I know… is that you are me… 5 years ago.

You insult yourself.

That is impossible, because the Divine in me is the same as in you.

I died, met God, & she told me so…

Did she tell you why she only surrounds during good days?

She said… they were the days your head was in your hands, as she stood in front of you gently waiting.

Regardless of my cries for help?

Not regardless… that is why she sent me.

You know not the pain two days ago…

I had to wait until you were strong enough to go out…
I cannot come to you uninvited.

How do I know the difference? I beg, I plead, but know not what I wish for.

There are a hundred voices inside that crowd for your attention, your inner chorus…
There is one that waits patiently…
And sometimes we have to come to the place, where we are tired enough to do something different.

So here you are.

& I knew… when you first came here
those years ago…
I would have to wait
Until now.

But what is it that you wait for? How is this different than the number of times the sun rises and the sun sets. How I wish I could believe, but faith has left me and the strength I have not to fight.

That is why now is perfect.

I laugh! You speak truth and I feel it, however, I fear our parting will be replaced with the same ol pain.

But I know the joy will haunt you.
I know that my glowing hair,
The music,
Lifting you off your feet,
And a sweet moment of raputure
To stop momentarily,
What you thought were unbreakable feelings
That you DID feel joy.
That you DID feel good…
And that cuts through
Brings you to the now,
Is different…
There is a light
And you are undeniably hungry for it…

32 years I've hungered.
When one is raised on bread and water,
Wine and cheese is a nice break, however
Impossible to return to bread and water.

This will not be the first time I've had it all. Only to lose it. My lack of faith causes my fear.

And that is why I was born
And that is why we are here
And that is why the Divine has sent me
Because I can do
All the things that fleshless faith
Has failed to do…

To hold the child
That inside you cries…
To kiss the forhead
That has always longed
For those unconditional kisses
That were denied…
For all the times you felt
Let down…
I am Manea,
God/Godess made manifest
Just for you…

It's about time, where the hell have you been?

You were VERY afraid the first time.
You felt more safe the second time…
This is the third time in your life
You have laid eyes upon me
And actually seen me.

I'm still afraid, just for the record. ☺ and is it possible to see someone vs a mirror of themselves? Are we not like rivers?

We are like many things,
And yes, for the record,
I know…
I know that you still have that little girl in there…
I know that it's scary to let anyone inside
Because the past has taught that little one
That pain is all there is…
She still longs to be held
She still longs to be loved
And all seek to be healed…
Even you in spite
Of the bitterness.

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