Words unspoken, Words unread!

Come home soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come home soon!!!!!

In the shadows of the morning sun,
Stands a figure, " gun in hand".
A soldier from the British Isles,
Sent to fight in a foreign land.

Sent to fight by a UK government,
Where corruption rules with greed.
Soldiers sent to fight a war,
Without the equipment they need.

Young men's lives being taken,
Or maimed by an I.E.D.
MP's found with ghost mortgages,
Getting gifts and trips for free.

How can these horrid people,
Walk upon this sacred land?
While our men and women in Afghanistan,
Lose their lives in the Mid East sand.

British you will never be,
If you have stolen or embezzled fees.
You do not deserve a soldiers loyalty,

God Bless the British soldier,
Such courage is shown by few.
The true Great British public,
Will always stand by you.....

Come home soon, come home safe.....

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