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 Five Years

Today is the date of my Dad's death;
It has  been five years since that day.
It sometimes seems like only yesterday
When we shared orange soda pops
While playing a friendly game of golf.
At other times, it has been an eternity;
Where his wisdom was once heard,
Now are only the echoes of his voice.
Life, death, eternity, present moment;
Sometimes I feel I understand this reality.
Today is not one of those times, though.
Today is a day filled with rushing memories;
Some bad, many good... as healing is present.
I went to his grave, but I know he's not there;
He is alive, exploring the world of his reward.
In freedom he walks; freedom from sickness,
Freedom from turmoil, freedom from this life.
Yet, I am chained to the memories of his loss;
But the key to my freedom was in his death.
Seeing the very presence of his soul leave;
Looking into his eyes as he took that last breath.
Giving me the gift of freedom from fear of death;
As I saw him enter into that new world of life.
Now, I am left with this memory and that peace;
The lingering smell of tobacco rising from his pipe.
The embrace of his love and his gentleness;
Five years; only yesterday, yet, an eternity.


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