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how to get rid of man boobs, Obama?

Time is just an excuse for me to be formatted
I am alone in this glimpse of when I think I'm making sense
Here I stand in quicksand again, relishing in semi accomplishments
Thinking in circles
so I become dizzy enough to forget my conscience

In the mind of one who is forever in debt to paranoid pollutions
Intrigued by those who know the cost of ridiculous conclusions
Wish they tell me how to cast the demons to bay
Cash my tunes in and live in constant humanity

Where I will spend not only life,
but also the currencies that have claimed it in full
Senate votes and presidential poses
The poor can be called poorer
And the rich can still be called dicks
The money it takes to bail out your parachutes
Can fund enough welfare to put Jesus to rest

The killing excuse they use
The willing of the poor and abused
The pawns to the rich man's war
The teenage sons that will never be more
Trade and sell but we will never be free
Insiders betray with speculators greed

Live without caution
The government's in control
Then its filed under mishandled
And neither house is at fault
The bluest bloods keep standing tall
And the silver spoons are forever law
Thank god the only ones to suffer now
Are the ones who are use to it by now , any how…..

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how to get rid of man boobs, Obama?