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This concept seems to whiz on by;
Like that brass ring on the carousel.
I can almost grasp it, always unreachable;
I stretch to my fullness, now an inch away.

The concept of change, now this I'm familiar;
Falling into my lap, even when undesired.
Prodding me along this path without mercy;
Never is today the same as yesterday.

An epiphany... the light bulb switches on;
That brass ring is only a shadow of my past.
It is a frozen memory that no longer exists;
It lives on in my mind, but it is no longer real.

I can only see consistent change in my life;
As change has become constant if I am alive.
With only a slight adjustment in my attitude;
This river of change I can now see as normal.


I was seeking to return to normal in my life,
only to find that my vision of this concept
was flawed.

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