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 One Of Those Days

This ones for you who stirs
Where life passes in eyes yours blur
More down than up your world is shaken
By several things, your hearts been taking

This thing called love has set aside
What winds you up that ticks inside
Where sentiment is your treasure
While others seek some other pleasures

Stay true to you and know this well
These things will pass to you I tell
Do not give in to what some need
There's more to you enjoy this read

Love will sting and hurt it will
Sometimes you'll feel you've had your fill
Of heart starving, it's need to feed
Sometimes nightmares are what one needs

Wake you will the better for it
Forget you will forget about it
Stick to your guns and know one day
Your heart will love but not today

His loss your gain makes all things good
Don't think you're wrong or misunderstood
So shake I will and wake you too
To know someones out there for you

This one is for Beguiled Heart

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