Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god


Slipping away from
Timid fingers, I lose track
Of seconds I had been saving.
Teeth gnashed, I am staunch,
Gliding into unmanned territories,
My throat full of verbal regrets
And nowhere to spew them,
The taste, everlong.
Minutes go by and I am unphased,
Invisible in the taste of ticking
Hands thundering with each second.
My toad appearance,
To slow down the tumult
Lingering like pills on my tongue.
One touch, one tiny flicker of
Grace, to embrace the hours
I wasted, teh time I killed
And buried on some unnamed trail,
Felling trouble and teasing
The twigs reaching out to stop me.
I twist my mind, to fall away
From the pendulum, who reminds
Me of every hour with a boisterous laugh.


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