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My Spirit Speaks


What would I do if I ever found you again? How I would devour you. Love you so completely so deeply that you would be hypnotized to reciprocate. Our connection so intense so electric horrified to make good on the feeling. Seeming to have known each other somehow a lifetime yet really not at all. Kindred Spirits is how to identify our mystical meets and Fate is how I define it. My special gift senses a piece of you Sole Lover of my being. It's taken centuries and lives for me to find my way back to you. Oh beautiful one I recall the village in the African Lands centuries ago around the Family Circle. The Gods took great care of us back then. And then we heard them coming like thieves in the night. Snatching the women and children and knocking out the men. I wanted to scream shout to rescue you my love. To the swamps of the Louisiana. I also remember or love as you nestled your head deep within my bosom. I so yearned for then to have you to myself but again to no avail. The look in your eyes as you caressed my face speaking silently with the heartbreak of knowing that we would once again have separation. Recalling the prayers sent to the God's asking what must I do to insure your safe return. I never stopped searching for your spirit. No time nor place can keep us apart my Love. At last Centuries have provided not only healing of my grieving soul but strength in knowing that we would one day be reunited. I'm overjoyed that we have run into our season. That the UNIVERSE has been so kind to lead you home and for that I am grateful.

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My Spirit Speaks