Transformation in the Making - Contemporary Poetry by Deidre Washington

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How do I begin to express my distastefulness of greedy, dirty, whore mongering people.

Those who feel that they arent worth what the creator has made them.

So they resort to tactics beneath the realm of Humanity for personal gain.

They choose to have Diarrhea of the mouth an odor and nasty Ora at that.

These snakes slither their way up into the daylight from the deeps of their caves.

Those who allow themselves to be used by any and everybody.

Those with no value system who exist but never live.

These people are our Mothers, daughters, husbands, sons, friends, peers and associates.

Who's lives depends on the trash, foulness, envious, jealousy, rage and hatred the spew.

Most of all it derives from hatred of self.

You have to understand all the energy they put into their devilish deeds.

They could easily turn and use it for self preservation, fulfillment, enlightening ones self and a sense of peace.

Obviously they don't feel themselves worthy or deserving.

Instead they allow self pity to fuel their reign of destruction on society.

Although they feel their reign is sufficient its usually short lived and comes to a head with a brutal burn out.

Those who allow satan.

Yes a small s because hes nothing More than a bigot pestering shell of an Angel.

Lifeless and really to be frank not important enough to be given much thought.

People have allowed him to use their services as an outlet in this life as a way to carry out his business and be a vital part of the world.

While he offers them false hope and a sense of security.

Baloney of great power and riches untold stories for enticements.

If you don't know here's a shocker you've been lied to, Bamboozled, Hoodwinked, taken for a ride.

The most important ride of your life. WHAT GOD HAS FOR ME NO MAN CAN RUN ASUNDER.

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