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Skim On A Breeze

I somehow skim by on puffs of breeze
and always hit bumps that skin my knees
Most of the time I'm not in control
I guess that makes me, somewhat, not whole

Life can't be all rainbows, nor the pit,
yet when I'm down I always get hit
and the more I try the less I gain
My life is a storm cloud filled with rain

When in control I stay on the line
tracing a shape that will me define
as limited by my own attempt
which renders me always quite exempt

In my circle I always revolve
a path to follow yet never to solve
Never to venture from comfort zone
My simple pattern followed alone

Waiting to skim on another breeze
drifting along is just the tease
to break away from this simple mold
a necessity is what I'm told

Follow my conscience is what I'll do
Skim on a breeze and a bump or two
The pattern is drawn and my mind set
My efforts deserve all that I get


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Skim On A Breeze

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