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Dye the bloody hand of Ulster in Fenian blood
Who is this mad cleric that he exhorts loyalist mobs
To commit such heinous acts?
Why does this Mr paisley think he has a right to condemn
Righteous people to death in the name of Ulster?

Is he prepared to die for his inglorious cause? NO!
This D.U.P lout screams 'no' so loudly
that others of his ilk are prepared to dye their hands red.
His political slogan K.A.T couched in NO today.
We shall march, trampling on so called fenians rights.
The right to parity of esteem not in D.U.P parlance.
Mr Paisley declares you shall die tonight.

Dye, dye the bloody hand of these six counties bright red.
Protestant might! What right this parody of clerical imagery
To lay claim to one of proud Rosaleens provinces?
Paisleys joy to watch as Ulsters rightful people die.
He lines his coffers bright whilst the mob he exhorts
Live in their hovels proud of the slogan K.A.T.

He screams loudly kill. Kill them tonight.
He cares nothing for his victim’s plight
Darkly clad, white collar shining bright
He screams loudly K.A.T
We shall see you tonight.

the initials K.A,T stand for kill all taigs
the term taigs being a slang term used by protestants to describe catholics.
Mr paisley is the mad cleric indirectly responsible for all the catholic deaths in N. Ireland
over these last 40 years of warfare. Fenians is another slang term for catholics

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