once upon a time


Lonely the road travelled alone, imagination on overdrive
Creating a plethora of characters
Marley's ghost rattling chains
Siren calls pulling you forwards
Phantoms on your mind vividly seen with each new step.
Darkness hiding trolls on the long dark road of the soul
Darkling bush with eerie soughing musical chords
Scraping across long discarded statuesque forms.
Deserted bowers bring myths alive in ebony, blue black sky
And I, casting glowering glances upon each new pothole
Stumble into hellish, nightmarish arms, falling endlessly
Grim reaper's scythe sweeping your face
During daylight only that benign, bloodless bush
Now bush demon dons death's cape. Fearsome lonely road.
Soft light spied ahead. Such relief as you embrace familiar voices
Wondering why you set out on darkling road.
After all, you only wanted a pint of beer.

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